London, England- Police responded to London Bridge after reports of a van running over pedestrians after 10 p.m. (2100GMT). So far, there are reports of at least five to six people being hit. BBC reported the driver hit the pedestrians at a speed of approximately 50 mph and witnesses reported a man being arrested by police. After it crashed, multiple men were seen exiting the van. In Borough Market near the crash site, a man entered a pub and stabbed several people with a large knife. It has not been determined at this time if the man involved in the stabbing was from the van or a separate attack. At least one fatality has been reported as well as several being injured from the stabbing. There were some reports of shots fired in the market area after police arrived. At this time, police have not confirmed if the suspects were arrested, injured, or killed.

Soon after, there were reports of knife attacks at nearby Borough Market, a popular spot for pubs and restaurants on the southern side of the Thames. The police said that “armed officers responded and shots were fired.”

The police also sent armed officers to Borough Market, where witnesses reported stabbings.

A witness, who identified himself only as Andrew, said he was in the area at a bar, heard “a massive bang” and saw a van hitting a railing.

“Next 10 seconds later, there was a guy with a big knife, I mean, a big knife,” he told LBC Radio.

Andrew jumped over a fence, got to a footpath and said there was “a dead guy lying on the floor.” He hid for a few seconds in bushes nearby, then, he said, “I ran for my life.”- New York Times

The police declared both of these incidents terrorists attacks. A third incident, reportedly a stabbing in Vauxhall appears to be unrelated. No one has claimed responsibility of the attacks yet.