Over the course of the past several years, numerous high-ranking individuals have been taken captive by terror groups in Mali. Recently, two of them—the Guiré brigade commander, Mamadou Diawara, and the president of the Niono District Court, Soungalo Koné—both kidnapped by the terrorist group The Macina Liberation Front, have reportedly died due to illness while in captivity. Diawara and Koné were abducted in October and November 2017, respectively.

This should serve as a reminder that there are still people, both local and foreign, being held by these extremist groups in Mali. Almost every attempt at tracking these prisoners or having them released has failed due in large part to the fact that these terror groups move freely throughout the Sahel. Some of their prisoners have been held captive for more than six years.

A video surfaced recently featuring Diré gendarmerie Deputy Commander Adama Lassana Diarra, who was abducted between Timbuktu and Diré on April 14, 2018. Given how the attack played out for his comrades, it’s unlikely this man will be freed or even discovered alive.