DoD announced 19 April that 6200 more jobs are being opened up to women. Included in the announcement are all TF 160 aircraft pilots and some maintenance and flight engineer positions. The latter also serve as door gunners.

Besides the close combat TF160 crew have been involved in (e.g. aircraft shoot-downs in Panama, Somalia and Afghanistan), what changes are being made to selection and where’s the test, analysis or data that women can complete it? Yes, I know women have been serving in this role on the conventional side. The SOF side is obviously different, otherwise why have a selection course? And then there are the numerous shoot-downs TF160 has had vs. conventional units.

Positions include:

  • 15A Aviation General (skill identifier K1, K4, K5, K6)
  • 15B Aviation Combined Arms Operations (skill identifier K1, K4, K5, K6)
  • 152C AH/MH-6 Pilot (skill identifier K1, K4, K5, K6)
  • 153A MH-60 Pilot (skill identifier K1, K4, K5, K6)
  • 154E MH-47 Pilot (skill identifier K1, K4, K5, K6)
  • 15S10 AH-6 Helicopter Repairer (K1)
  • 15S20 AH-6 Helicopter Repairer (Technical Inspector/Team Chief) Crew Chief (K1)
  • 15S30 AH-6 Helicopter Technical Inspector/Safety NCO/Crew or Sect Chief (K1)
  • 15S40 Aircraft (Quality Control Supervisor/Maintenance Supervisor) Platoon Sergeant (K1)
  • 15T10 MH-60 Helicopter Repairer (K1)
  • 15T20 MH-60 Helicopter Repairer (Technical Inspector/Team Chief)/Crew Chief (K1)
  • 15T30 MH-60 Helicopter Repairer Technical Inspector/Aviation Standardization NCO/Crew Section Chief (K1)
  • 15T40 Aviation Standardization NCO/Platoon Sergeant (K1)
  • 15U10 MH-47 Helicopter Repairer/Flight Engineer (K1)
  • 15U20 MH-47 helicopter Technical Inspector/Flight Engineer (K1)
  • 15U30 MH-47 Technical Inspector/Flight Engineering Standardization NCO/Aviation Life Support NCO/Flight Engineer/Section Chief (K1)
  • 15U40 Aircraft (Quality Control Supervisor/Maintenance Supervisor)/Flight Engineer Standardization/Platoon NCO (K1)

Doesn’t seem well thought out (or publicized). Not surprised.