“Thank you for your service.” If you are a veteran you’ve heard this phrase at some point in your life from someone. I know why people say it, they are being nice. So I take it that way and reply something like, “You’re welcome, but it really was a privilege.”

And it is. Military service is “selective.” For a variety of reasons, not everyone can serve in uniform. Sometimes the reasons are physiological or psychological. I couldn’t believe the number of people who washed out of training because some defect (however minor) in their body or mind showed up when we were pushed towards the limits of endurance. So I really don’t hold it against someone who didn’t serve in the military, because there is a very good chance they wouldn’t have qualified. Those of us who have can count ourselves as having very good fortune in many respects.

And I don’t mind when someone goes a little over rather than under on the enthusiasm in expressing his thanks. And this is why I am writing today. To talk about a circumstance where an organization has chosen to take the over position on thanking veterans for their service.

From May 24 until Sunday, May 31, Fox Nation is offering a free one-year trial for active-duty servicemembers and military veterans.

“Thank you for your service.”

Of course, the end of May is Memorial Day when even veterans like me are using that phrase when we think of the Americans who have given their lives in defense but also in service of their country. Not all military deaths are combat-related. A nod of gratitude is due to those who have perished in training and exercises preparing for the defense of our country as well.

Most of the writers here at SOFREP are members of Fox Nation for reasons that become apparent as soon as you start viewing the shows offered on the channel. Whether it’s a civics lesson by Bill Bennet in the Fox Nations series Patriot’s Almanac,  documentaries like The Battle of Mogadishu, sports programming, news, and in-depth reporting, you’ll find that Fox Nation offers an unapologetic sense of patriotism and optimism about the America of the present and also of the past. Despite our missteps and failings, the United States of America is an extraordinary and exceptional country unlike any other that has come before it. And so are Americans themselves.

So, we invite you to take advantage of this offer that Fox Nation has chosen SOFREP to help share with you this week. Veterans and active-duty servicemembers will get Fox Nation free for a year. Let me write that again, Free for A YEAR.

We hope you’ll share this with any veterans or active-duty servicemembers you know too. Spread the word.

As a grateful nation says, “Thank you for your service.” And in the run-up to Memorial Day, we want to join Fox Nation with a token of our own gratitude.

So starting today SOFREP content will be free through Memorial Day.

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