Welcome to the Lone Star State

Walking into the 2024 NRA Convention, you could feel the electricity in the air, charged by a unique blend of patriotism, history, and cutting-edge innovation. This year’s convention, held in the heart of Dallas, Texas, was nothing short of a spectacle, showcasing everything from classic firearms to the latest tactical gear. 

Here and there, you would see the occasional “MAGA” hat as former President Trump was set to give the keynote address on Saturday. It was nothing near the red sea seen in years past, but still a good showing.

The main exhibition hall was a vast sea of booths, each vying for attention with their latest offerings. The big names in the industry were all there: Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt and many others too numerous to name, each unveiling new models that had enthusiasts buzzing. The Glock 47 MOS, originally developed for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and now available to the general public, was a standout, drawing crowds eager to get a feel for what might be the most user-friendly Glock yet.

70,000 people were in attendance at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, walking over 14 acres of exhibits. Colt Firearms was featuring their new for ’24 Blued Python.

A Masterpiece Chambered in 7.62

Daniel Defense’s DD5 V4 was among those that took center stage in the world of rifles. This beast of a weapon chambered in 7.62 NATO was designed with precision and reliability in mind. Its lightweight design and superior accuracy made it a favorite among the more serious shooters in attendance. Priced at $2,731 retail, it isn’t for the light of wallet. But it wasn’t just the big players making waves in Dallas: smaller, innovative companies showcased groundbreaking products that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in firearms technology.

Check out this blue (their signature color) beauty from Anderson Manufacturing, straight out of Kentucky. These are quality-crafted firearms that won’t set you back a fortune.

The tactical gear section was a treasure trove for those of us who like to stay prepared. From the latest in body armor to state-of-the-art night vision goggles, there was something to satisfy every enthusiast’s needs. 

This Adams Arms AR platform features a Trijicon advanced combat optical gunsight (ACOG).

Olight Releases a New Red Dot Optic

One of the stars of the show for me was the Osight 3 MOA red dot by my favorite flashlight manufacturer, Olight. I’ll be giving this baby a full write-up in a day or two; this is just a sneak peak. It features a large one-inch window with a crisp dot and no annoying parallax. It also features the industry’s first magnetic charging cover (more on that later). The price for all of this cutting edge goodness, less than $200 (and just $229 for a green dot version). Keep an eye out for my full review on SOFREP.

Trump Speaks

For those of us interested in the broader implications of the firearm industry, the convention offered several panels on legislation and advocacy. The discussions on the current political climate and its impact on gun rights were particularly enlightening, providing a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities ahead. As I mentioned above, President Trump also gave the keynote address. In case you missed it, I’ve included a video of the entire speech below.