With the limited information about the sniper community within the Regiment, I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the men behind the scope.

I am often questioned about the selection process for a 75th Ranger Regiment sniper.  The complete process may take years before a Ranger can become a sniper in any Battalion.  The sniper community now, only taking Rangers with multiple combat deployments, the Ranger Tab, and men who have served in multiple leadership positions. This is key when shaping a great sniper.  He has to know how the battlefield works from all aspects as a Ranger when assaulting an objective.

During my time in 3rd Ranger Battalion, I served as an assaulter, machine gunner, and designated marksman before even being sent to Ranger school, as well as multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  After the completion of Ranger school, the doors opened and I was given the choice of serving in the recon, dog handler, and sniper platoons.  Battalion holds a selection process for each of these job specialties, varying in length and is tailored to the job.

My selection for the sniper platoon consisted of mental evaluations, physical fitness tests, shooting drills with the M4 and the M16 designated marksman rifle, and a board selection.  Out of the ten or so men who attended the sniper selection with me, three failed to meet the standards and subsequently released back to their line platoons.