Anti-war protestors have been delivered some rough justice by a group of Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) operators after breaking into the highly sensitive Swan Island military base. The protesters are from a group known as the Swan Island Peace Convergence, and broke into the defense establishment for the third time to “nonviolently disrupt preparations for [Australia’s] imminent war in Iraq.”

The ADF has launched an inquiry into claims of mistreatment by members of the protest group who have accused the SASR of hooding, stripping, plasticuffing, and dragging them following their apprehension by the special forces soldiers.

One of the protesters, Greg Rolles, told ABC’s 7.30 that shortly after being compromised, a car came “screaming around the corner and two plainclothes men jumped out and rushed towards us.”

“This man charging at me was one of the scariest things I have seen. For about the last 15, 20 metres I had my hands in the air saying, ‘I’m a non-violent protester and I won’t be resisting’. That didn’t stop him from tackling me as hard as he could and throwing me into the ground. He then went on to put a hessian sack over my head, and after that was on, I heard one of the two men say, ‘Welcome to the bag, motherf*****s’.”

The Australian SASR's Answer to Trespassing Anti-War Protestors

“I do remember saying at this point, ‘This is torture’, and he said, ‘I don’t give a f***’. At that point, he rolled me over on to my stomach and pulled down my pants and my underwear.”

“He kept asking: ‘How many of you are there?'”

The Australian SASR's Answer to Trespassing Anti-War Protestors