Renewed clashes in Kosovo have gained the attention of the international community. Compared to previous provocations, the conflicts on May 29th saw dozens of NATO troops from the Kosovo Force (KFOR), Serbian civilians, and Kosovar police.

KFOR Troops attempt to quell the clashes with Kosovo Serbs on May 29th, 2023, from US News.

What Caused the Renewed Tensions?

The recent tensions in Kosovo came against the backdrop where ethnic Albanian mayors took up their government positions in municipalities historically governed by Serbians. The move is seen by Kosovo Serbs, the Serbian government, and now NATO as provocative as Pristina forcefully moved into the northern regions without permission from the West. The unilateral decision has made integration of the unilateral state much more challenging going forward.

Though KFOR has usually been able to ease tensions in the past, the move by Pristina has backed the policies of the West into a corner. It can be seen as a propaganda victory for Russia and China regarding the status of Kosovo.