A new Pentagon extremism report claims that multiple military personnel have been identified as potential advocates for the overthrow of the US government. The report highlights concern regarding extremism within the armed forces and emphasizes the need for addressing this issue https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/12/01/dozens-of-troops-suspected-of-advocating-overthrow-of-us-government-new-pentagon-extremism-report.html.

There is no place for military members who espouse taking over the government. Any member of the military who discriminates against based on race, creed, religion, and sex or belongs to any groups that discriminate should be disciplined according to the UCMJ. The military plays a crucial role in protecting and upholding the principles of our Republic, and any infiltration of “extremist” ideologies poses a significant threat to national security. Rigorous measures must be taken to identify, address, and prevent the spread of such beliefs among military personnel.

The Pentagon report on extremism within the US military should be kept in perspective. While the leadership needs to remain vigilant against extremists, it is crucial to note that out of 1,328,000 personnel in the US military, 183 were found to be extremists. This equals a percentage of 0.0137801205. My takeaway from the report is that the military has no widespread extremism problem. The current US military civilians, senior military leaders, and the Biden Administration may try to make it seem otherwise to continue to politicize the military. This politicization has had adverse effects on military readiness. The report, which identifies the 183 personnel classified as extremists, should serve as a document to validate that concern of widespread extremism in the military is unfounded. The politicization of the military by the Biden Administration, with the support of senior civilian and military leadership, has negatively impacted the US Military’s readiness and ability to fight and win the nation’s wars successfully.

We must also remain vigilant and ensure that those who are being accused of being extremists are extremists and behaving in a manner that discriminates based on race, creed, religion, and sex or that may be a member of any group that espouses the overthrow of the US Government get due process. Military service members are held to a higher standard than civilians, but their rights are also protected by our Constitution. We must protect against labeling, targeting, and accusing service members without probable cause and guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I am particularly sensitive to this as I was targeted when running for the US Senate by the democrat party leader Senator Schumer and Senator Hassan and characterized as an extremist and a danger to our democracy. They have no idea the impact their accusations had on me, my family, and the many service members I served with. Many Granite Staters dismissed it, but many did not, which is the danger. I served our country honorably for 36 years; I am considered a patriot dedicated to serving our nation, a guardian of civil rights, and devoted to God, Family, Community, and Country. I have proven many times that I will put my life on the line for our freedoms, the freedoms of ALL Americans, and those who are oppressed across the world. If asked to do it again, I would not hesitate to move towards the sound of the guns.

In conclusion, the Pentagon report on extremism in the military highlights the importance of addressing and eliminating any extremist elements within the ranks. While the number of extremists identified is small compared to the overall size of the military, it is crucial to remain vigilant and take appropriate action. However, avoiding politicizing the issue and undermining military readiness is equally important. The report should serve as a reminder to prioritize training and preparation for national defense rather than allowing political agendas to overshadow the military’s mission. The findings of this report should serve as an example that the military leadership must always do their job to ensure our service members remain loyal to the Constitution and the values and principles that the United States holds dear. By maintaining a strong and unified force, the US military can continue to protect and serve the nation effectively.


Donald C. Bolduc