The recent call by New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen for support for President Biden‘s call for a pause in military operations against Hamas has sparked intense debate. While some argue that her recommendation reflects a humanitarian approach toward the conflict, it is crucial to critically analyze the potential consequences of such a decision. This essay contends that Senator Shaheen’s recommendation is dangerous and fails to address the root causes of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

Uninformed Perspective

First and foremost, Senator Shaheen’s recommendation demonstrates a lack of understanding of the complex dynamics of military operations. Military decisions are not made lightly, and a pause in air and ground operations will provide Hamas with the opportunity to regroup, rearm, and plan further attacks. Humanitarian operations are being conducted simultaneously with military air and ground operations. Any interruption in military operations will give Hamas an advantage. Political leaders must comprehensively understand military strategy before making potentially disastrous recommendations.

Endangering Israeli Troops and Palestinian Citizens

Senator Shaheen’s call for a pause in military air and ground operations also fails to recognize the immediate threat Hamas poses to Israeli civilians, Israeli troops, and innocent Palestinian civilians. Hamas, recognized as a terrorist organization by many countries, employs tactics that intentionally endanger the lives of civilians, using them as human shields. By advocating for a halt in air and ground operations, Senator Shaheen inadvertently supports an organization that consistently violates international humanitarian law.

Supporting Hamas’ Extremist Sharia Version of Islam

Hamas’ extreme interpretation of sharia law has caused immense suffering among the Palestinian population. The organization’s oppressive regime in Gaza undermines human rights, suppresses dissent, and stifles progress. By advocating for a pause in military operations, Senator Shaheen indirectly supports Hamas, perpetuating its reign and prolonging the suffering of innocent Palestinians.