We Need Change

Many people have asked me why I am supporting Nikki Haley for US President.

During my US Senate race, Nikki Haley supported my candidacy 100%, unlike others that remained noncommittal. She came to the Granite State three times to campaign on my behalf at Town Halls. Nikki Haley demonstrated to me that she supported who she thought was the best candidate and was not intimidated by the establishment. I saw first-hand her leadership qualities. I saw her commitment, energy, experience, knowledge, courage, and, most importantly, love of God, Family, Community, and Country. Bottom line, I spoke with many potential Republican candidates for US President in 2024, and Nikki Haley impressed me the most.

Impressive, and present. Photo courtesy of the author.

Politics, as usual, can no longer be applied to choosing a candidate. Political parties, political pundits, lazy media, and so-called expert political analysts have invested in a dangerous paradigm. The idea that we should choose candidates based on big money, power, media endorsement, and legacy politicians must end.

History shows that people drive their government to do the right thing. History also shows that career politicians beholden to big money, power, and entitlement do the wrong things for those they serve unless held accountable by the people. The American people have relinquished the responsibility given to them in our Constitution and have allowed career politicians to fundamentally change our government to the detriment of the American people. The political status quo must change.

We are supposed to live under the Constitutional Republic, and in a Republic, rather than directly governing, the people temporarily select some of their members to serve in political office.

The “Constitutional” means that citizens and their governing officials are bound to follow the rules established in that Constitution.

  • Rights: God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Fairness: They believed that laws made by their elected representatives would be fair.
  • Common welfare: The rules would help everyone instead of one person or a few favored people.
  • Freedom and Equality: People would have greater freedom and be able to be all they can be.

The danger to our Constitutional Republic is the failure to recognize “We the People” as a critical pillar of how our elected officials serve. Second is a failure to acknowledge that the Constitution is the law of the land. Third is the undermining of responsibility of the three branches of government and the blurring of the separation of power. Lastly, the government is becoming unlimited in size, scope, and accountability to the people. Decisions are made by the emergence of a Fourth Branch of Government” managed by unelected officials called bureaucrats.