The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, aka the Chaz, has now undergone a name change and is calling itself the CHOP. The new title stands for Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. The name change was a movement by the protesters inside the zone to better reflect its purpose.

Yet, the CHAZ may have a new name, but its purpose really remains the same. The occupied six blocks of Seattle are not, and never truly were, autonomous. The city is still providing services to the zone, including Porta-Potties and fire department services. 

The Wanna-Be American Warlord 

Raz Simone, the main subject of our first article, seems to have taken a slight step back. There have not been any more acts of violence live-streamed or recorded — although an interesting video of him passing out guns from the back of his Tesla has appeared. Interestingly enough, this type of transaction is illegal under Washington State’s Universal Background Check Bill.