Editor’s Note: We saw this on Twitter by Sergej Sumlenny(@sumlenny) and found it a fascinating take on how Russia uses graphic novels to demonize Ukraine and create a parallel historical universe where the Soviet Union allied with the Nazis to defeat the US and Great Britain in WWII.  Sergej is Berlin-based and is an expert in Eastern Europe with 10 years of experience in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.


THREAD Let’s start a long thread about how Russian book market prepared Russians for a full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, the West, and promoted Stalinism and Nazism, and how this was ignored by the West. Keep seat belts fasten, you will see a lot of nasty things here.

One of the first indicators of Russia preparing for a full-scale turn to dictatorship and a global war was the mass production of books about cool sides of Stalin and Stalinism and about upcoming war against the West. These books appeared on Russian bookshelves in early 2010

The appearance was so massive that it could not be a coincidence on a book market which was under a strict control of secret police FSB. “Be proud, not sorry! Truth about Stalin Age” “Stalinist’s Handbook”, “Stalin’s Repressions: A Great Lie” and “Beria: Best XX Cent Manager”