Sometimes I am actually asleep and something funny — that maybe only I think is funny — comes to me. I no kidding wake up audibly chuckling and think to myself:

“Heh, heh… no problem; I’ll remember it in the morning and make a note of it for cartoon representation.”

And you know… I seldom ever do remember it in the morning. I’m just not fond enough of my own sense of humor to jump up from bed and write it down at the moment. Or perhaps I am just more fond of my fat ass lying in bed and not jotting down some concept in a bedside notebook.

The protagonist, or the butt of the humor for the sake of being picked on, is the loud-mouthed, big battle-axe, bitty wife. Though technically she is nothing less than a heroine who saved the day, the caricature rendition of the poor woman robs her of any vestige of glory.

My work here is done.

By Almighty God and with honor,
geo sends