March, 1999. Naval Special Warfare Training Center Coronado, California. Basic Underwater Demolition Training. 


“What in thee f**k are you f***ing looking at, you female f**k? You think you’re going to get some special treatment and some pronoun recognition around here, f**k face? Don’t count on it one God damn second you waste of f***ing sperm!” said the NFL-sized black instructor with wild and crazy eyes.

“Hooyah, instructor Yetka,” she replied.

Hooyah could mean many things as they would come to learn.

Typically it meant “yes” but oftentimes it meant many more like, f**k you, f**k me, we’re f***ed, this water is f***ing cold, and so on.

Julia Jones “JJ” Parks was going to be among the first group of women to undergo the grueling Navy SEAL BUD/S training, she just didn’t know quite what was in store for her and the rest of the first women in her class. If she did, maybe she and the others would quit now and save themselves seven months of gruesome punishment. The instructor staff would be elated if that happened. The extra work and political spotlight on them could burn a hole through the sun. 

Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training was among the toughest military selection courses in the world with a 90 percent failure rate. It was one of the few military courses where water was used to trim the fat to the lean meat.