“This should have been done 50 years ago,” Brig. Gen Edward M. Reeder, Jr. told an applauding audience at the first Green Beret Foundation gala fundraiser in San Antonio, Texas during the summer.

As the guest speaker, the U.S. Army Special Forces Commanding General told stunning stories of incredible valor by today’s Green Berets, the first U.S. soldiers to engage the Taliban and al Qaeda troops in Afghanistan one month after 9/11 in 2001.

He also spoke of the horrific wounds and dismemberment incurred by some of those Green Beret soldiers, due to the weapon of choice used by the terrorist cowards, the improvised explosive device.

As a result, today there are more than 900 wounded-in-action Green Berets since 9/11. As BG Reeder pointed out, some of those SF WIA men have faced major costs and hidden cracks in services that some can’t afford. Then, he thanked the Green Beret Foundation for rising to the challenge in 2009 by forming a non-profit organization designed strictly to help those WIA soldiers.