South Korea has been killing it in the entertainment industry with films like Parasite sweeping awards shows, and now Squid Game has become a global phenomenon. In a mere week, Squid Game became one of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever in several regions. As the resident gun and gear guy, I’ve gathered the guns of Squid Game for us to ogle and enjoy.


The Front Man’s M1911A1

The Front Man is an enigmatic character and a cold-blooded killer in Squid Game. His oddly geometric mask and all-black costume paint him as some kind of grim reaper. He’s brutally efficient in the series and wields an M1911A1. The M1911A1 is a classic American fighting pistol used the world over since 1911. Since the weapon is used worldwide, it’s not hard to believe that an M1911A1 could pop up in South Korea’s Squid Game.

Squid Games Front Man Gun

It’s proven itself quite well as a combative handgun and has been used in dozens of conflicts across the world. The M1911A1 served from 1911 to 1985 as the general sidearm of the American military forces. It is a semi-automatic, single-action-only pistol that uses the classic 45 ACP round. The M1911A1 model the Front Man uses is straightforward in most respects and lacks lots of fancy accessories we see on 1911s these days.

Honestly, I have no idea how he uses his sights between them being so small and his wearing a mask. Regardless of how he does aim, he wields the weapon with brutal efficiency. The M1911A1 is already an eye-catching firearm, and the fact that it’s stainless steel makes it stand out against the Front Man’s all-black attire.


The Managers’ S&W Model 10

The Managers in Squid Game ensure that the games run smoothly. Or as smoothly as blood-thirsty games of life and death can run. They manage the Soldiers and Workers, and wear squares on their faces to distinguish themselves. They are also armed with sidearms. Their sidearm of choice is the classic S&W Model 10.

Guns Squid Games

The Model 10 from S&W is the archetypal 38 Special revolver. The S&W Model 10 has a long and varied history that can be traced back to 1899 with the weapon’s initial design. The S&W Model 10 was the first M&P revolver, followed by the Victory model, before finally becoming the famed Model 10.

The Model 10 provides the Managers with a straightforward but capable weapon for ensuring things run smoothly. These double-action, six-shot revolvers feature a four-inch barrel and big wooden target grips, making them solid for combative use. They aren’t fancy, but they function well.


The Soldiers’ Model 19

The Soldiers, aka the triangles, are armed with Model 19 revolvers. These Smith and Wesson revolvers are 357 magnums and use a modern DA/SA action. These big guns are perfect for the soldiers’ role.

I love the Model 10, but I adore the Model 19. The Model 19 is a full-sized fighting revolver chambered in the man-stopping 357 Magnum.

Hwang Jun-ho

Model 19 revolvers are fantastic guns and well-proven fighting revolvers that were popular with police officers up until the early 90s. These big six guns are the definition of a fighting revolver.

That’s why they make sense for the Soldiers in Squid Game. The Managers need to be armed much like a lieutenant needs to be armed. They can afford the smaller and lighter Model 10. The Model 19 is for fighting. It’s also what the police officer, Hwang Jun-ho, wields while single-handily infiltrating the Squid Game.


Over one century ago the US Army adopted the M1911 pistol

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The Soldiers’ MP5s

The Model 19s serve as sidearms for the Soldiers, but their main long guns are the classic MP5. Soldiers are seen with MP5s fitted with two-point slings as they walk among the players. Soldiers use the MP5s during patrols and occasionally for executing players. The specific model of MP5 in Squid Game is the MP5A3 with a collapsing skeletal stock.

Squid Game Soldiers

HK made the MP5 originally in the 1960s. It went on to become one of the most famous submachine guns ever created. The MP5 served in counter-terror, police, and special ops units for decades. Its roller delayed system provided an uber lightweight and easy-to-control submachine gun.

For the Soldiers, it makes sense. You don’t need a rifle for the ranges they are working at, and the lighter, shorter MP5 gets the work done. It’s easy to handle, and in close quarters it can be tough to beat. The MP5 is a famed weapon for a reason, and it’s a great choice for the Soldiers in Squid Game.


The Weapons of Squid Game

While the show isn’t gun-heavy, I can’t help but appreciate the weapon choices. They aren’t the most modern or advanced firearms on the market, but they all are proven choices. These functional firearms serve the personnel of the Squid Game well. There are a few other guns, often hidden in the shadows, that are tough to identify. Did I miss any? If so, let me know in the comments below.


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