When someone is a member of an elite special operations group, he may very well think that he can walk on water. Yet, at some point, whether after only six years or 26 years, the day will come when an operator will have to exit the military.

This transition can be challenging mentally, physically, and financially. Operators leave the military for a variety of reasons: Some are ready to get out after an enlistment; some stay until retirement; others have to leave earlier than desired; and there are those who seem to stay in because they don’t have a solid plan for what to do once they get out.

Regardless of someone’s reasons for leaving the Special Operations community, if they don’t have a plan or can’t land the right job, there’s a decent chance that they will fall right on their face and regret leaving the military.

Thankfully, there is an institution in place that specifically assists Special Operations warriors with their transition into the civilian world. This institution is called the Honor Foundation.

The Honor Foundation is a comprehensive program that provides operators with the tools, skills, and mindset required to excel in the civilian industry. The Honor Foundation has a large network of industry professionals, professors, and subject matter experts. This network is designed to expose operators to different career options and identify a perfect fit for each and every person.

The Honor Foundation isn’t for everyone. Just because someone is a special operator, doesn’t guarantee them a spot at the Honor Foundation. The Foundation only takes the best of the best, those with a track record of exemplary performance, leadership, and a strong will to excel and dominate in the civilian domain.

Honor Foundation
The emblem of the foundation. (Honor Foundation)

The Honor Foundation program is broken down into eight sections:

1) Application — The program is designed for those that will be transitioning out of the military within 12-15 months. There are no education requirements, but as stated, the program is looking for individuals with the “right stuff.”