ISIL has recently debuted a few new weapons systems it plans on deploying in its battle against the infidels. One weapon, based on an air-to-air AA-2 missile, likely won’t be much bother to modern aircraft with advanced deterrent systems, but you have to give them credit for trying.

The video claiming to show a mish mosh of old Russian military hardware somehow stuck together with hopes and dreams is likely propaganda since no actual completed missile or test is shown. But just the same, the fact that ISIL is actively seeking to create such weapons is a bit disturbing. While most advanced aircraft will be able to shrug off such outdated hardware given its lengthy lock-on time and limited range, civilian airliners likely aren’t nimble enough to outmaneuver it.

But perhaps more troublesome is the larger issue of not really knowing just what goes on at “jihadi university”, the so-called ISIL engineering training center where such improvised weaponry is being imagined.