The 20th anniversary of the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on the United States is now a few days old. The news media was filled with stories, interviews, and opinions about the legacy of that fateful day. Social media was overflowing with images, audio clips, movies, and thoughts around how important it is to remember and “never forget” that terrible, devastating day.

Twenty years… they have gone by so fast. Once we paused to stop and think about it, it didn’t seem like that long ago. For at least one day, we almost seemed united in our hearts and minds about how we all felt all those years ago.


A lot has happened in the last 20 years. A lot of good and a lot of bad. While September 11 was one of the single most horrific days in American and world history, it did unite us as a country — as Americans. For all the fear, uncertainty, and heartbreak surrounding that day, we did come together as a nation. Republican or Democrat, black, white or other, male or female… whatever. None of it mattered.