The year 2008 was tough for the Doherty family. It was in 2008 when their oldest son, Private Jeff Doherty, a paratrooper with 2 PARA, was killed by enemy fire during a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan.

His brother, Fin Doherty, was only six years old at the time. And yet he made a vow: as soon as possible he would join the same elite unit as his brother.

Almost 12 years later, Fin is close to fulfilling his vow.

Fin Doherty joined the British Army in February. Last week, he donned the same Maroon beret that his brother wore. The Sergeant Major who presented him with the beret had fought alongside his brother. He has a few weeks before graduation, but he now has surpassed the toughest hurdle on his way to joining his brother’s unit.