“The Liberator” is a World War II mini-series by Jeb Stuart (“Die Hard,” “The Fugitive”) that is probably different from anything that you have watched before. 

It was originally planned to be an eight-part series for the History Channel. But producing a World War II action epic proved to be too cost-prohibitive for the channel. So, the project was moved to Netflix, where the story was trimmed to just four parts and filmed in a new kind of animation. 

“The Liberator” is presented in Trioscope™ Enhanced Hybrid Animation, a new technology that layers CGI with live-action performance. This is designed to show the actor’s performances in a more effective way. It is different and takes some getting used to. But more on that below. 

“The Liberator” centers around the men of the 157th Infantry Regiment. Particularly, it focuses on Felix Sparks and his men, an eclectic mix of Mexican-Americans, Native Americans, and cowboys. In the pre-WWII west Sparks’s men wouldn’t have had much to do with one another but during the war, they learn to not only work together but come to rely on each other. At first, it sounded cliché to me, as it may sound to you; but one must remember that this isn’t fiction but a true story.