Hi everyone,

When Jack and I first launched the LoadOut Room we got it off to a great start, fumbled it with a bad business decision (we let an investor in–he’s out now),the site stalled on the shelf, and now we have finally recruited three hosts that we feel will take the site to the next level, where it belongs.

Of course you’ll see myself, Jack, and a few others now and then too…


The Loadout Room is contributed to and moderated and led by former US SOCOM Special Ops Operators, not some twenty-year old who doesn’t know the pointy end of a weapon.  Bottom line is that the Loadout Room editors stake their own reputations their reviews.

The guys that moderate this site have been down range and in harms way.  We know what it’s like to get shot at, IED’d and more importantly, what it’s like to have your life depend on the quality of your gear and weapons. Lifetime guarantees don’t mean shit when you exit the ramp door at 18,000 feet in the dark of the night.

Meet Your Hosts


Eric Davis is a former US Navy SEAL, sniper instructor, and an expert in human performance.

As a life-long gear nut he enjoys writing about reliable kit that makes a difference in our everyday lives, and passing on this knowledge to the LoadOutRoom community.