There is a small but growing genre out there that exists in the intersection between history, mechanical engineering, and the intrigue that often surrounds the world of small arms weapons manufacturing. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, as current and former Soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation, exaggerated claims, and just plain BS all around the skill sets that are part and parcel to our line of work. Three of the big ones that I hear the most nonsense about are hand to hand combat, physical fitness, and yes, firearms of every type. It doesn’t help matters that many periodicals and publishers put out material that does a disservice to the men and women involved in this issues and who need accurate information.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, British journalists who have a childishly superficial view towards modern firearms.

If you want to read a book written by a couple professionals who have the experience and technical background to write about weapons, combined with solid research, pick up “The Mac Man” written by Frank Iannamico and Don Thomas.

I just finished reading this 500 page book and it is comprehensive to say the least!