In an attempt to stay relevant in the Foreign Internal Defense (FID) arena, the Marine Corps activated two new units to represent it. On June 7, Marine Corps Advisor Companies (MCAC) Alpha and Bravo were established in a ceremony that took place at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington D.C. The two new outfits, which belong to Marine Forces Reserve, are the first batch of what will be four MCACs.

The MCACs are comprised of a number of Marine Corps Advisor Teams, which form the basic deployed elements. For the initial manning of the units, the Marine Corps drew Marines from the 2nd Civil Affairs Group (2nd CAG), which was recently deactivated.

In a statement to DVIDS, Col. David Ready, former commander of 2nd CAG and MCAC Alpha’s first commander, said, “We are judiciously incorporating the lessons from recent and historical train, advise & assist missions to ensure that MCAC Alpha is ready, relevant and capable to deploy teams and work with partners to defeat our mutual enemies.”

Col. Christopher Douglas, MCAC Bravo’s commander, added: “The concept of advising is not new to the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has been advising foreign security forces throughout our history. Since the start of the Global War on Terrorism, we has [sic] been deploying advisor teams in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”