A new private maritime training facility promises to provide the most realistic training possible to maritime special operations units such as Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, or Special Forces dive teams. BEI Maritime, a company that specializes in realistic maritime training, is building an indoor training facility that will be able to hold everything from a small ship to simulated ship sides.

Scott Chierepko, a retired Navy SEAL and co-founder of BEI Maritime, said the new facility will be constructed next to Currituck County’s airport, in the Greater Norfolk area, to facilitate the incoming SOF teams. It will require about 25 acres of real estate at an approximate cost of $25 million. It’ll be available to military, law enforcement, and private companies. The training facility is expected to be operational by 2021.

According to the company, the training center will be the most advanced “in the maritime industry, featuring multiple training resources and a complete campus for comprehensive instruction in short-term and long-term training programs.”

“We will provide a harsh maritime training environment in a controlled indoor facility,” said Chierepko.