“If God is for us, then who can be against us?” – Quote from both sides in any conflict

Their course finally brought them into favorable tailwinds. Though they were able to throttle back a little, Chief had them still press strongly above cruising speed to bank a little extra time on the objective if needed — a simple but brilliant call on Greg’s part.

The gunships flew the same route ahead of the assault force to recon it for safety. It was peaceful for the most part until watchers through the port and starboard sides of Greg’s aircraft started reporting taking fire from the ground — the port was calling it rather often. Chief made his way back to the watcher to see just what it was he was seeing. Greg explained to the zealous watcher that he was seeing only campfires on the sides of the mountains but was conducting a decent vigil nonetheless.

Chief Coker thought of the Delta assault force flying in somewhere back there at his six-o’clock position, and especially of his good friend Leon Hansen, who was there with them to assist with calling support fire on objective Gecko.

Greg broke two of his five gunships loose from formation to pull fire support for the Ranger assault force parachuting onto the airfield at Objective Rhino; Greg’s remaining three ships continued to Gecko.

Chief put one gunship north and his own ship south of Gecko to cover all ingress and egress. His third gunship was to provide direct fire support to Leon Hansen and the rest of the Delta boys as they assaulted the objective proper. Seconds were ticking down until the entire task force was about to thump the living dogshit out of the targets below — Mullah Muhammad Omar was about to get his whole tent-making business rattled like a Pakistani taxi.

Chief’s finely-tuned combat crew aboard his AC-130 Spectre gunship was high up in altitude and breathing pure oxygen. His ship engaged several targets in the high grounds south of Objective Gecko before he moved up forward to the cockpit to be with his pilot and watch the impending firestorm; one of such magnitude that would make Dresden flinch and say: “Woah!!”