Hey everybody, I wanted to be sure you all know about the discussion forums we feature here in Team Room. These are official, sanctioned discussion forums just for you guys.

I’ve heard rumors that some Team Room members are starting a chatroom somewhere for Team Room members to bond. SOFREP is not affiliated with this. No big deal, but we’re not involved. Just wanted to let you know.

So. There are a lot of things you CAN do with your Team Room forums. You can start a topic about anything that interests you. You can even chat with a few close friends for hours like you own the topic! It’s YOUR Team Room.

You can do stuff

Do Stuff

Find stuff

Find Stuff

Start topics

Start Topics

Start and reply to topics

Start and Reply To topics

Report a total idiot….hopefully this never happens…

Report a Chump

Quote a post

Quote a Post

This is the Guy Who Broke Your Forums!

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Out yourself on Twitter and Facebook – all Team Room members will see this


You can even use Private Messaging (PM) to chat with a person directly

Private Messaging

These forums are what can make the Team Room YOUR community.

If there are features missing from the Forums that you think would make them even better, please reach out to us at the Contact Support link at the top of every page.