In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, details are slowly coming to light. With those details comes the dawning of a realization: Things are going to change, and probably sooner rather than later.

ISIS has been communicating more effectively, in ways that are harder to detect and track. They’re using commercial encryptions that European and U.S. intel assets cannot break. This will likely lead to discussions about tighter Internet security and scrutiny here at home. Many will complain and fight such changes. But unpleasant choices will have to be made if we are to preempt future terrorist attacks.

Reports indicate that ISIS losses have been high in recent months. In September of 2014, ISIS was receiving around 3,000 volunteers a day. Now they receive around 100 volunteers a day, and sometimes less than 50. In light of this, ISIS leaders are now telling many jihadis in Europe and the United States to stay home and fight the jihad at home in their countries of residence, by whatever means they can. In most cases, this will mean trying to blow things up and initiating random or organized shootings.

Starting soon, or now, depending on how long it takes you to interpret and learn, you are either predator or prey. You are either prepared to think and act in an attack, or you are destined to be one of the hysterical, screaming victims running around presenting themselves as targets to the terrorists.