According to the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), “Special Forces Noncommissioned Officer and CIA officer Wilfred “Squeak” Charette (nicknamed after the squeak his jump boots made when he walked) who was a pioneer in the development of the High-Altitude Low-Opening (HALO) parachute capability. Charette participated in training the first HALO class from SEAL Team Two in the summer of 1963. Jumps were made from 40,000 feet with parachutes opening at 4,000 feet. The SEAL and HALO Committee jumpers experienced sub-zero temperatures during the more than three minutes of freefall, then had to strip off gloves and unzip protective clothing after the parachute opened to prevent heat stroke in the 80-90 degree weather on the ground.”

Charette was pivotal in the development of the HALO capability that is so widely used today by SOF around the world.


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