I’m doing an extensive interview with Newsmax regarding this topic later this month with John Bachman. In the meantime I wanted to comment on the recent NY Times article about US Officials, none of whom have served in direct combat action, I suspect, who are condemning photos of US Warfighters posing with dead body parts.

Are we at war or aren’t we?

An Adult Version of Lord of the Flies

First let me state that I’m not a fan of War, it’s an ugly business. Unfortunately War is still very necessary in the adult world of Lord of the Flies we live in.

Until we can affect major cultural change in the environments that produce radicals at home and abroad we are stuck with waging War via violence. And yes, we have extremists at home. Remember Awlaki? He’s the US Citizen turned Al Qaeda leader that my good friend Geo-tagged and tracked so US SOCOM could put a missile up his ass (no pictures unfortunately). A good US SOCOM operation and one less bad guy in the world.