Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Does Joe know that? We can only wonder. It seems Kamala Harris has big plans for the presidency, ones that don’t really include creepy uncle Joe Biden at all. I chose a flattering photo of her for my feature image because she is quite the handsome woman after all. But as flattery goes — it stops right now.

She’s a block-check candidate, putting herself out there as checking the most “first blocks” of any candidate to date:

First female president

First black female president

First Asian female president

First Hindu president?

Born to a British Jamaican father and a mother from Asia. Now, would that be Jamaican father and an Indian mother… or a Caribbean father and Asian mother? How about a northeastern hemispherical mother and a northwestern hemispherical father? I get it, Asia covers a much larger portion of the world than just plain old India. An everywoman should want to claim representation for as much of the world as possible.

Let’s be for real, yo… presidential elections are continuously more and more about pandering than any other current pretense that used to be what elections were about. It’s about how many sides you can be on at the same time that gets you the votes. That’s why the Nation’s First Panderer, Hillary Clinton, used to develop a southern drawl when she campaigned below the Mason-Dixon Line in the Bible Belt: