Brandon’s upcoming memoir, The Red Circle, is due to hit store shelves in just days.  Look for it April 10th online and at your favorite book store.  Until then, enjoy this excerpt that Maxim UK is running. -Jack

“I am standing in a large room, about the size of an average high school gymnasium. I don’t know the location. I was brought here blindfolded.

All the walls are black. Loud rock music blares from oversize speakers, adding to the sense of confusion and disorientation. On the floor at my feet, there is painted a large red circle. I have been told I have to stand my ground and hold this circle, no matter what.

As I stand here in the red circle—now my red circle—a hood comes down over my head and the lights go out. I don’t know what to expect, but whatever comes next, it’s going to be serious. I know the people who have brought me here have done everything they can to break me down and throw me off balance, but I know better than to panic. In my mental self-management SEAL training days, I learned to prepare for situations like this, and I have already rehearsed a slew of worst-case scenarios in my head. I’m ready for whatever they throw at me.

“Let the punishment begin,” I think. Nothing happens.

I continue standing there, blinded inside my hood. Reflexes ready, senses as acute as I can muster. My ears strain to hear past the blaring rock, my nostrils flare to pick up any scent I can. Who’s out there beyond the confines of that dark hood? Hostiles. How many? Seconds tick by. Despite myself, I start to relax, ever so slightly—and the instant I do so the hood is yanked off my head and I am punched in the face, hard.

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