Editor’s Note: We received this from the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Office of Strategic Communications. It comes to use as Russia’s Deputy Representative to the UN Demetry Polyanskiy called for a meeting at the UN on July 11th which will purport to inform the assembled body of the history of Nazism in Ukraine and its current status within the country.

Ukraine has responded with its own research which makes the case that within Russia a modern neo-nazi(neo-fascism) phenomenon also exists in Russia and has for some time.

A short time back we published content about the odd-world universe of Russian graphic novels that fetishizes the Nazis as allies of the Soviet Union. The USSR and Nazi Germany did begin WWII as allies and invaded Poland together remaining allies for nearly two years until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in June, 1941.

It is said that, “War is diplomacy by other means” and all wars end up boiling down to political differences between belligerents that cannot be settled peacefully. In Ukraine, this war does not seem to be about new disagreements but about very old ones.