For the uninitiated, SHOT is a massive outdoor, hunting, and firearms show. To put it in scale, it’s so huge that it makes Comic-Con look like an old lady’s yard sale. Yes, it’s that big. Even bigger than CES, I’d guess. Every major brand in these categories are represented: Glock, H&K, Bass Pro, SOG knives and tools, and many more. It’s so large in scale that brands and people get lost in the mix. You couldn’t see it all if you walked the show floor for four days straight.

That’s where we come in. Here are the top three things we look and report back to you with each of our sites:

SOFREP (A focus on the defense industry)

  1. New firearms for warfighters
  2. Disruptive battlefield technology
  3. Coming trends

Led by former Ranger/SF soldier and Editor In Chief Jack Murphy.

Crate Club (A focus on personal everyday carry or EDC)

  1. Best in class survival gear
  2. Best in class knives
  3. Best in class weapons support systems

Led by former USMC/CIA operator and Director of Clubs Drew Dwyer and team.


  1. Guns
  2. Gear
  3. Trends in both

Led by former USMC site host Scott Witner and team.