Assuming I had a time machine that could only fit one sniper rifle to take back 10 years to the past during my service as a Navy SEAL sniper then the rifle I would choose would be…. wait for it!

The Blaser R8 Ultimate Silence.

Why Go With Blaser and not HK?

I struggled with choosing between Blaser and the HK MR762A1 because I love what HK builds. (After all, their rifle killed Osama bin Laden, and what’s not to like about that!?) However, out-of-the-box, the Blaser sniper rifle is built as a lightweight hunting machine.

On the other hand, HK has gone a little tactical-retard these days with miles of heavy rail and metal that is not conducive to hunting men. Their weapons are just too heavy. And if you’ve seen the movie Tropic Thunder you know that never — I mean never — go full retard.

(In case you haven’t watched, here’s a clip to explain the importance of never going full retard. Yes, sorry, not sorry, I said retard. I believe in equally inclusive insults regardless of sex, race, gender, or mental make-up.)

Common Sniper Rifle Questions I Get

I’ll try to answer the two most common questions I get about sniper rifles. One, I had to ponder. The other two are more straightforward.

Which Is the Deadliest Sniper Rifle?

This is a very loaded question. For me, the answer would be very mission-specific. In my days is was the .300 Winmag or the SR25 7.62 in an urban, whack a mole (eh hem terrorist) setting. But again, it depends on where and how you are operating.

Which Is the Most Powerful Sniper Rifle?

The two questions may appear similar to the above, but it isn’t the same. Nevertheless, it is an easy one to answer: The .50 cal and .338 Lapua rifles grab the title of the most powerful sniper rifle for sure.

Which Rifle Scope Would You Choose?

I’d choose the 3-12×50 Zenith Scope with FD3P reticle. (Alternatively, something in this neck of the woods by S&B will also work).