During the height of the Cold War, the US would do just about anything to get the edge over our communist adversaries. After all, the world’s fate was at stake, our very way of life. If an idea was a little bit “out there,” so what? We’d try it if we thought it might give us a leg up on the commies.

There was Project MKUltra, a CIA-led initiative exploring the possibility of mind control on unwitting subjects using a variety of unsavory techniques like sensory deprivation and dosing subjects with LSD without their knowledge.

SOFREP obtained this declassified memorandum for the Director of the CIA regarding MKULTRA. The entirety of the 42-page document may be found here. https://info.publicintelligence.net/CIA-MKULTRA-IG.pdf

Who could forget “Acoustic Kitty,” where the CIA used cats with implanted microphones and transmitters to spy on Soviet embassies and other targets? Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

This next idea never made it beyond the initial planning stages, but the US government, the Air Force in particular, was working on what was colloquially called a “gay bomb.” This bizarre concept involved creating a chemical weapon that would release a hormone that would supposedly make enemy soldiers sexually attracted to one another.

The Stargate Project

In the shadow of these three genuine government initiatives, I introduce the idea of the “Stargate Project.” The Stargate Project wasn’t some bizarre left-field notion brought up in a brainstorming session, documented for posterity, and immediately tossed aside. Oh no, it was a bizarre left-field notion that the US government poured millions of dollars and decades of time and hard work into.

The ideas behind the project were so radical and out of the mainstream that they were kept secret for decades. Some of the information we present today could only be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The idea that the project had been going on for nearly 25 years is mind-blowing.

Was the Stargate Project complete nonsense, or was there something meaningful in the madness? Read on and decide for yourself.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

This CIA-led program intended to use ESP to gain valuable information about our adversaries. Since the CIA is an intelligence gathering service, using ESP to gather that information isn’t too far-fetched if (and that’s a huge if) extrasensory perception exists.