By Jack Murphy

Whenever I talk to active duty special operations soldiers, both sergeants and officers, they all have one question in common, “What the hell are we doing?”

That may be the question of this generation of soldiers and intelligence professionals. Sorry, America, you won’t get much of an answer to that question from us, because we don’t know. Currently, the men and women of our armed services are cruising around Afghanistan, often rolling right through one ambush and straight into the next. The question is why and to what end? Indeed, today’s soldier must feel like a Roman centurion out defending the fringes of the empire while Rome burns. As I write this, America’s budget woes are back in the headlines and the government has shut down as a matter of political rhetoric. Pass our budget or else.

While our troops are aghast at our lack of any coherent strategy in Afghanistan, the entire country is mystified by the series of missteps, false starts, gaffes, and outright stupidity when it comes to our foreign policy in Syria. Long story short, we don’t have one.