The Tomorrow War was supposed to be a Christmas theater release but COVID-19 claimed another victim so Paramount released it on the Amazon Prime video streaming channel. In light of the recent UFO sightings report released by the Pentagon, Prime and Paramount released the film on July 2 while the iron was hot. 

Yes, UFOs Are Real and the Aliens Are Hungry

And it is a shame that The Tomorrow War didn’t make it onto the big screens, because the movie’s action scenes warranted it. It is a big-budget action/sci-fi film that tips its hat to Michael Bay. Is it a bit schlocky? Yes. Are there holes in the plotline? Yes, again. But sit back and enjoy the ride. 

The film stars Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, the outstanding J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, and Jasmine Matthews. It’s directed by Chris McKay.

“The Tomorrow War” Review, a Great Summer Action Escapist Film
Jasmine Mathews as Lt. Hart, a future soldier who warns the world during the World Cup. (Amazon Prime)

Let’s talk about the story of The Tomorrow War. James Daniel “Dan” Forester (Pratt) is a former Green Beret, who served two tours in Iraq, got out, and is now a high school science teacher who dotes on his 9-year old daughter Muri (Ryan Kiera Armstrong).

At a Christmas party, he and his family are watching the World Cup on television when a time portal opens and soldiers from 2051 appear in the middle of the soccer field. They tell the crowd that 30 years in the future, earth has been invaded by millions of alien creatures called Whitespikes. Humanity fights for its survival — but it’s about to lose. So, they came back in time to look for draftees (cannon fodder/alien food). 

Once in the future, due to a misdrop, most draftees are killed immediately when instead of landing on a high rise in Miami Beach, they’re dropped several stories up and fall to their deaths. 

The commander of the forces in the area, Colonel Forester (Strahovski), orders the draftees to secure the members of a lab who are working on a poison that will kill the aliens. But Forester, it turns out, is Dan’s daughter Muri, 30 years in the future.