Managing editor Jack Murphy (former 75th Ranger and Green Beret) and I work very hard at keeping SOFREP apolitical for a reason. We feel that it helps maintain a balanced viewpoint and keep the site’s integrity with regards to representing the Special Operations community. This is very hard, trust me.

I’ve had a ton of emails and comments via social media lately about my best friend Glen, and his encounter with Mitt Romney.  I was there with him that night we both met Mitt Romney. We were at our friend Dee and Susan’s Christmas party, and I was standing side-by-side with Glen during the engagement.  So you’re getting it from the horse’s mouth.

Two things Glen would want in this situation, in my opinion:

1. That both political parties not latch onto his and Ty’s heroic deaths for personal political gain.

2. To be seen as the great and respectful human being he was. Glen would not want to give the impression that he was bashing Mitt Romney after the two of us encountered him.

Below is the quote I gave to ABC News earlier today. Hopefully this sheds some light on the situation.

“Glen and I were both celebrating the holidays at our friends’ place and after grabbing a cold beer, we both bumped into Mitt Romney. We knew Mitt had the house next door… but were still surprised to see him,” said Brandon Webb, a former SEAL teammate of Glen Doherty and managing editor of “Mitt and his wife introduced themselves and Glen joked with him about his lack of personal security. Then Glen and I both gave him a hard time when he re-introduced himself to us a second time. Mitt took it well and we all had a good laugh about it. “

“Glen was very respectful about our encounter with Mitt Romney. That was the kind of guy Glen was. He respected everyone regardless of their differences and that’s what made him such a great human being,” he said