I’m not big on conspiracy theories.  They sound interesting but the moment you start digging for actual facts you are almost certainly going to be disappointed.  There is one so-called conspiracy theory that has been digging at me for a long time, something I’ve been following on a surface level at least for many years.  It is commonly referred to as the Smiley Face killers theory.

Retired NYPD detectives Anthony Duarte and Kevin Gannon held a press conference in 2008 to make the public aware of a dozens of deaths that are officially listed as accidental drownings, deaths that the two former cops allege are actually murders linked to one another.  “I believe we’re looking at an organized group that has a hierarchy and is involved in murder and other criminal activity,” Gannon said.  Such a revelation would, if true, re-write a large portion of what we think we know about criminology.  Experts would tell us that serial killers don’t work together in teams, in fact in extremely rare instances we have only seen them work in pairs.

Unless of course these are not serial killers per se but rather something else entirely.

Starting around 1997, a statistically odd number of educated white males have died in and around the water mostly focused around the Great Lakes region of North America (to include Canada) and Eastern Coastal cities like New York and Boston.  Other similar deaths pop up in Arizona and the pacific northwest.  Taken together, our sample size encompasses over a hundred individuals meeting the criteria listed above.  According to law enforcement agencies, these are not murders but accidental drownings that involve inebriated young men falling into the water and drowning.