Three years ago, SOFREP reported that the People’s Republic of China was conducting gene-doping experiments on their athletes and soldiers. Although it wasn’t mentioned, around this time JSOC was also conducting an experiment with gene doping that made operators stronger. Long frustrated by American laws and medical ethics, JSOC was able to find an exemption by citing operational needs. Most likely this was justified by pointing toward the similar experiments the Chinese have been doing for decades. Our sources indicated that the JSOC program was successful, more than doubling the strength of the few soldiers gene doping was tried on. The only way to test for proof of gene doping is via a muscle biopsy—not something that many guys would be keen to try.

Today, the genetic arms race between China and the United States is becoming more clear to the public. Over the last few years the Chinese have been getting more aggressive. As they increase their power base, the Chinese are taking additional steps toward becoming an eventual global hegemon. We can see this in developments of their military technology, assertiveness in the South China Sea, military deployments to Africa, and a more forward-leaning approach to espionage. “No more grain of sand shit,” a former CIA officer recently told me in regards to Chinese espionage. The MSS and other Chinese intelligence services have become emboldened and more aggressive.

Speaking about new gene-editing technology being used by Chinese doctors to fight cancer, Professor Carl June said, “I think this is going to trigger ‘Sputnik 2.0’, a biomedical duel on progress between China and the United States, which is important since competition usually improves the end product.” CRISPR gene-editing technology is used to remove cells that are exploited by cancer, then these cells are cultured and injected back into the patient. A Sputnik-style space race turned genetics race could be a wonderful project for all of humanity when it comes to fighting cancer.

When it comes to military and economic strength, the arms race for nuclear weapons may be a more apt comparison than space exploration. With the People’s Republic of China engaged in a nation-wide eugenics project that sees the Han as the master race, the Chinese government’s domination of the genetics field, along with economics and military technology, would lead to a new global order that is somewhat less than democratic.