The Navy surely knows how to do recruitment.  Going back to Top Gun and Navy SEALs, starring Charlie Sheen, Navy recruiters have had an easier time finding people than their Marine Corps, USAF, and Army brethren. Act of Valor and the SEALs’ popularity since Bin Laden’s death have made that task even easier. To be honest, though, with the SEAL Teams as poster boys, it isn’t that hard.  But Naval Special Warfare (SEALs and SWCC) and Navy Special Operations (Navy EOD) is more than SEALs.

“The stealthiest infiltrators, the strongest warriors, the bravest Americans that we trust in the most treacherous circumstances,” reads the caption in the Navy’s latest recruitment video. “They grew up just like you, which means you could be one of them. Dive, swim, run, fly, shoot, fight, win. Using both mind and might, Navy EOD Operators, SEALs, SWCC, Divers and Air Rescue Swimmers are the perfect storm of defense. It is not a decision you make on a whim. These are not positions you earn by accident. The Warrior Challenge is a marathon that will push your limits beyond what you thought possible, all in the name of freedom.”