What do military members and military spouses have in common? Both work hard for their country. What is the difference? Only one receives the credit. Why does the servicemember get the accolades when the spouse works as hard, and often harder?


I’ll Be Back Soon

I was deployed four times over my career. Countless temporary duty (TDY) assignments kept me away from my home and family over the years, as well. For me, a trip may only be five days, or it may be six months. In the beginning, while working AMC, I had only a very general idea of how long a TDY would last because I jobbed it on the FRED: The C-5 Galaxy, the F-ing Ridiculous Economic Disaster, was apt to break anywhere, any time, for anything.

While I was on some ramp somewhere, turning wrenches and launching jets, my wife was at home with the kids. Sounds lopsided, right? Here I am, working my ass off in some strange backwater, freezing cold or flaming hot, while my wife chills at home, reaping the benefits. Yeah, right…