I essentially remember the week that Robert “RAT” Trivino appeared in the long spine of the main cantonment building at the Unit. I was on all-night Staff Duty then, and one of the duties of the Staff Duty was to add the photos of newly-assigned personnel to the Unit’s Personnel Identification binder. RAT’s training course had just graduated and I had the (small) stack of photos of the men in his class about to enter.

As was my tradition every time I came up for Staff Duty — two times per year tops — I set to memorizing the first names, at least, and faces of all new arrivals. Rob’s was easy to remember:

(Looking at the photo) “Ah, great — finally a Mexican brother to speak Spanish with!”

Close. While he did indeed speak Spanish, RAT was actually a Cochiti Pueblo Indian Warrior. The first time I passed him in the hall I greeted him thus: