Last week in a piece for Newsweek I told them that the drone Iran is sending to Russia are not very effective weapons in spite of the fact that they are being used against relatively undefended civilian targets instead of military targets. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are claiming that they have shot down 85% of the Iranian drones sent against them, mostly the Shahid-136 type with a delta wing and a propeller-driven engine.

As I told Newsweek, these drones are not very effective looking at the number of attacks versus the number of casualties they have inflicted on Ukrainian civilians, but that may not matter to the Russians.

They are using these drones as a means of terrorizing the civilian population in an attempt to break their will, which is not going to be easy.

Ukraine is fighting for its existence not just as a country but as a culture and a people. They have powerful allies in the West providing them with training, weapons, and support.  They enjoy the support of most of the world in beating back the invader. They have effective leadership in their government which does not needlessly waste their lives in battle.  Finally, they are winning on the ground and pushing Russian troops back, or encircling them and forcing them to surrender.