Artificial intelligence robots can change your business and your life, according to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). If you really want to benefit from these robots, the second largest professional services firm in the world says, “strategic investment in different types of AI technology is needed to make that happen.”

Here are three incredible robots for starters

1. The robot chef that cooks 2,000 meals

This MoleyKitchen robot is programmed on world-famous chefs like Tim Anderson and promoted for businesses like McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. The robot learns all sorts of recipes, measures, stirs, sautées and grills everything just so — every step of the cooking process. Of course, such sophisticated technology sets you back a neat $15,000, at least – but in-house cooks or servants are more expensive. And this one’s there at a click of its button for your business or home. No talk-back or loafing. It even cleans up after itself.

2. Robot dog that opens doors

Headless and tailless door-opening SpotMini uses its yellow legs to daintily crawl to your door. Once there, it snaps to attention, leans back on its hind legs, unfurls a crane from its back, grips the door handle and yanks your door open. Great for special guests or when you’re too tired or busy to open doors. Why employ a doorman when you have ubiquitous unflagging Dog Robot!

3. The hair-washing robot

This Panasonic hair-washing robot whispers little “coo-coo” sounds as it shampoos, massages and rinses your hair with its 16 fingers. Dare to sass it and the robot snaps your spinal column. A memorable treat for those special visitors, and if you have a boutique, it’ll save you a hairdresser or two. The robot optionally comes with a Panasonic Robotic Bed that transforms from bed into wheelchair and back again.

As PwC said, 45% of business gains and enhancements to your life by 2030 will come from robots such as these. You’ll see the largest economic gains in China (26% boost to GDP in 2030) and North America (14.5% boost).

Welcome to your glorious robot-filled future!