As the unconventional conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan draw to a close and the U.S. military again turns its gaze toward nation-level threats, the 75th Ranger Regiment prepares for a conflict in the Arctic.

The Regiment sent almost 30 Rangers from across its three line battalions to attend the Cold Weather Operations Course (CWOC), at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, between February 21 and March 6. The CWOC is a two-week course that prepares war-fighters for the arduous and unforgiving conditions of Arctic warfare.

“Building a shelter among other soldiers and being able to stay warm throughout the night was one of the best things I learned in this course,” said Sgt. Paul Drake, from the 3rd Battalion, according to DVIDS. “This training also helped me understand extreme cold weather and how to conserve energy and effectively operate while wearing the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) uniform properly.”

During the course, the Rangers were instructed on how to construct shelters, forage food, stay warm, move, and fight in extremely frigid environments.