In a way, the Testudo Gen 2 Carrier can be considered to be a modern adaptation of the ancient Roman Testudo formation. This formation, as described by Plutarch in 36 BC, featured soldiers closely arranged with shields positioned for maximum protection. The Testudo Gen 2 applies this principle to personal body armor, offering extensive coverage for enhanced safety.

Constructed primarily from durable 500D Nylon, the Testudo Gen 2 is fortified at every stress point with bar tacks. It also features PALS (Plate Attachment Ladder System) webbing across its surface, enabling the attachment of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)-compatible equipment like pouches, holsters, and other gear. Comfort is a key aspect of this armor, as it includes ample padding to prevent chafing, making it suitable for extended wear. The nylon shoulder straps are adjustable and designed to ensure that the rear plate pocket sits at an ideal height for optimum protection.

The plate carrier is being marketed as being suitable for sizes M to 3XL.

A standout feature of the Testudo Gen 2 is its cummerbund. This waist sash not only provides additional pockets for side plates, enhancing the armor’s protective capabilities, but also offers full adjustability. This adjustability allows the Testudo to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring a snug and personalized fit.

Ideal for those seeking a carrier that can support their best armor and equipment while maintaining comfort throughout use, the Testudo Gen 2 is a top choice. Available individually or in various bundles, it’s designed to meet the needs of those requiring reliable and adaptable body armor.

But don’t just take my word for it; check out the review done on SOFREP’s sister site, The Loadout Room, by Alex Hollings. He put the AR500 through its paces on a sweltering Georgia Summer day, and after hours of shooting, he says he feels like he could keep going.

If you’re in the market for a plate carrier or if you’re just curious to see what’s out there, be sure to have a look.