London, United Kingdom—A new war movie celebrating the Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain is out.

The movie narrates the story of RAF Squadron 303, which was comprised mostly of Polish pilots.

Poland was the first victim of the German onslaught. Utilizing the novel Blitzkrieg tactics, the first modern usage of combined warfare, using aircraft, tanks, and mechanized infantry to outmaneuver and destroy the enemy, the Wehrmacht was able to defeat the Polish armed forces in less than five weeks. The majority of the Polish air force was destroyed on the ground by the Luftwaffe. But many Poles managed to flee. And fighter and bomber pilots made up a large number of them. The countryless Poles traced their way to where they could fight the hated Germans. And, after the fall of France and the miraculous British evacuation at Dunkirk, that meant Britain.

First questioned about their capabilities, the Polish pilots quickly managed to convince their British hosts with their tenacity and technical skills. Polish pilots would end up manning 15 RAF squadrons.